lumber quarantine spreads

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    Full continent in port examines into condition lumber quarantine spreads out smoothly Condition of the discrepancy in Cong Manzhou examines net of quarantine bureau official learns, the near future is full continent in pelter of port air temperature, temperature of the lowest outdoor is close to 30 degrees 0 times, persistent microtherm weather examines to taking condition lumber spot quarantine job brought very big inconvenience, this bureau adopts multinomial measure to answer the frigid weather influence to outdoors job actively, build winter to examine into condition lumber quarantine job new pattern. It is to strengthen the spot that works to lumber check feet to superintend. Examine to importing lumber spot, answer feet examines " double examination " , lumber importer, lumber examines the member that the unit reachs identifier " double visit " , discover the problem is rectified and reform immediately; Undertake to importing sawn timber the key is superintended, personnel of the strict rule that examine check excerptions data phenomenon; Right " feet of entrance lumber check runs a system " have special inspection, those who ensure check footage is occupied is seasonable deferent, those who realize entrance lumber is fast close. 2 it is to strengthen lab appraisal and epidemic situation to report the job. Undertake to the forest pest that intercept and capture the check at the beginning of the lab, classification and specimen are made, perfect relevant record; "building handrail for outdoor steps,black decking suppliers plastic,plastic composite scaffold boards,how to build a composite deck railing"

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