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    Do not be in in time, forest industry city created the state brand-new " national forest mode " , attracted one large quantities of medium or small lumber treatment company enters the area that be stationed in garden. Politics look forward to " sweet " the butt joint is ecbolic " national forest speed "The successful settle put into production of project of city of industry of Guo Guolin timber results from peaceful fragrance river city and group of middle forest of center look forward to appear in appropriate opportunity hind, proper win-win cooperates. 2013, approval of the State Council peacefuls fragrance river becomes treatment of national timber reservior to trade demonstrative base, protect in countrywide day especially after the project is carried out, our country lumber external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent rise greatly. 2014, start working of forest industry city builds the nation, up to when the end of the year, garden area earth builds main body project all and finishing, realizing business income in those days seventy-four thousand four hundred and thirty yuan. Up to now, forest industry city has achieved the nation 3 period 60% of the project. On September 10, walk into a country when the reporter forest industry city, here is the manufacturing picture of nervous business everywhere. Inside the area that make material, the worker is machining log lumber. Workshop controller tells a reporter, here machines the lumber that come out, the enterprise inside city of industry of main supply timber. "mesh deck skirting Navarra,building a 4ft to 6ft fence,bison pedestals end planks,composite decking weight vs wood"

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